About UARR

The Ukrainian Association of Religious Studies (UAR) is a non-partisan, secular public organization that unites on a voluntary basis religious scholars, theologians, teachers of religious studies courses at educational institutions in Ukraine. UAR was founded in March 1993 and has branches in almost all regions of Ukraine. Membership in the association is individual and collective. The Association promotes research on topical religious issues, publication of their results, promotes the principles of freedom of conscience, studies public opinion on religious issues, cooperates with state and public organizations, the press, provides them with advisory assistance in religious studies. The governing body is a conference convened every 5 years.

Board of UAR

Anatolii Kolodnyi
Oleksandr Sagan
Liudmyla Fylypovych
Vitaliy Docush
Roman Sitarchuk
Hanna Kulahina-Stadnichenko
Scientific Secretary
The current work is managed by the Board of the UAR: Aristova AV, Bystritskaya EV, Bondarenko VD, Buchma OV, Dokash VI, Zdioruk SI, Kulagina-Stadnichenko GM , Kolodny AM, Sagan ON, Sitarchuk RA, Filipovich LO, Khalikov R., Kharkovshchenko EA, Shepetyak OM, Yurash AV, Yarotsky P. L. The Board of UAR, in addition to the Council, includes the heads of regional and Kyiv city branches of UAR. Regional branches and their heads: Volyn – Kondratyk Leonid, Rivne – Stocklos Nadiya, Zhytomyr – Saukh Petro, Lviv – Borutsky Stepan, Zakarpattia – Palinchak Mykola, Ternopil – Stotsky Yaroslav, Chernivtsi – Dokash Vitaliy, Ivano Svyankivska – Kiyak Taras, Khmelnytska – Vyhovsky Leonid, Kyiv – Predko Olena, Sumy – Mozgovyi Ivan, Kharkiv – Shudryk Ihor, Donetsk – Kozlovsky Ihor, Dnipropetrovsk – Murashkin Mykhailo, Zaporizhzhya – Kalyuzhny Viktor, Kherson – Nedzelskyi Kostiantyn, Poltavchuk, Poltavchuk Eduard, Cherkasy – Hudyma Ihor, AR Crimea – Bulatov Ayder. UAR Audit Commission: Buchma OV – Chairman, Kulagina-Stadnichenko GM, Bazyk DV, Nedzelsky KK – members of the commission, Tatarchuk MV – UAR accountant.

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unification and coordination of efforts of religious scholars of Ukraine to study the phenomenon of religion, to develop current issues related to the history and current state of religions in Ukraine

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dissemination of religious knowledge, development of religious education and religious education in the Ukrainian state

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promoting the processes of spiritual revival in Ukraine, establishing an atmosphere of tolerance, mutual respect for views, opinions, spiritual and moral values, traditions of people of different worldviews and religions


monthly theoretical and methodological seminar and information meetings with leaders of religious organizations, annual conferences “History of Religions in Ukraine” (Lviv), “Religious Freedom” (Kyiv), “Philosophy of Religion” (Kyiv), etc. Press conferences in Ukrinform and UNIAN on the state of religion in Ukraine and the world



UAR is a member of several international professional associations, including the International Association of Religious Historians (2001) and the European Association for the Study of Religion (2016), its members participate in their annual conferences and regular congresses, and are actively published abroad. UAR co-founded the Coordination Council of the CIS and Baltic States on Theoretical and Practical Religious Studies (2008)

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